• Pilates: the essential workout

    14th March 2015 | donaldt
  • By Laura Schembri

    Pilates is the only exercise technique that works you from the inside out. This is the method that develops the powerhouse of your core muscles. These wrap around your centre like an internal corset, supporting your spine and facilitating control during daily activities, such as bending or lifting. It also focuses on breathing; you will develop better stamina, due to the increased uptake of oxygen in your blood whilst doing physical activity. The exercises are similar to those that you may do in another type of class, but here the focus is on quality of movement. The first thing you need to learn is what constitutes good posture, and subsequently how to move and breathe whilst keeping the spine stable. This ought to be the natural thing to do; but owing to ones’ lifestyle, many people lose the automatic function of the core muscles.

    This may only be regained by re-education and improved body awareness. Unlike other forms of exercise, it is essential that the Pilates Instructor be an expert in the analysis of muscle imbalance, and adept at correcting dysfunctional movement patterns at the same time as teaching the technique.

    It improves core strength, general muscle tone, flexibility and balance. Better posture and body awareness often lead to a reduction in pain as quality of movement improves. It does not replace other forms of exercise but rather supports them, giving you the freedom to live a healthier, more active lifestyle and to cope with the stresses and strains of every day life.


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