• Movement in Later Years The Importance of Correct Exercise

    7th May 2020 | Adrian Micallef
  • One great disservice you can do to your body in advanced age is to not use it. To accept that reduced movement, loss of mobility, tiredness and even pain are somehow a normal part of ageing is simply not the case. Through movement and exercise, elderly individuals maintain their ability to enjoy their years in later life to the full, enjoying all that is near and dear to them. This can be achieved through regular therapeutic physiotherapy exercises designed to not only make the body more robust, but also stimulate the brain and nervous system. Through the correct choice and prescription of personalised exercises, elderly individuals can enjoy increased energy levels, improved concentration, reduced fatigue, better balance, improved coordination and greater strength. 

    The beauty of such a tailored and carefully curated exercise programme is its relevance to your own goals and desires vis à vis your body’s function. The foundation of this is brain and nervous system stimulation through safe movements coupled with correct muscle activation. These are compounded through specific goal oriented movement training, thereby bringing about an environment in the body where strength, stability and coordination are built. As implied, this is a process – a project. A personal project that one undertakes with great commitment to the necessary exercises, with the ultimate aim of improved quality of life.

    In undertaking such a project, one will truly be living proof of the motto that movement is medicine and the key to a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.