• Sun Tzu, in the famous book ‘The Art of War’ wrote, “Fight the enemy where he is not”. Oftentimes, the pain that you feel is not necessarily stemming directly from the part of the body that hurts. For example, knee pain might have its roots in hip muscle weakness, or even ankle instability. The pain in your neck and shoulders might actually be caused by weak stabilisers in the shoulders.

    Therefore pain may indeed be weakness lurking in other areas of the body, masquerading as pain in other parts, fooling you into thinking that the part of the body that hurts is ‘defective’ or ‘damaged’.

    Oftentimes, the traditional approaches of massaging these sore areas, or applying hot packs or ice may only temporarily relieve symptoms as the true cause lies in the various parts of the body not working together in harmony. This can be frustrating. However with the keen trained eye of a skilled physiotherapist, this can be overcome and balance restored in the way you use your body.